Bala Mercy Children’s Centre and Orphans support program  has through the years  supported  for over 3000 needy and desperate  children. Across the 5 affiliate care centre and schools. Otherwise known as  care  centers’ these  are abandoned  , street children,,  very needy and despite ones

The home supports these from scratch and from very meager resources of the sponsoring church constituency,  the - -[WORD AFLAME FELLOWSHIP CHURCHES CHURCHES -KENYA ] 

The church is an independent  indigenous church  started by bishop Domnic O.Ochoo and other local leaders working together.

The sponsoring CHURCH  IS  established in a poverty stricken and populated area, most people live below poverty lineone child sponsored end up caring and feeding the whole family as most children are placed with aging grandparents, sick  widows and other relatively needy persons. 
HIV/AIDS and other related diseases has killed many people and has left children, orphans, widows and the aged with no one to care for them.  Right now, they’re over 1,900,000 children orphans within the region,most of them orphaned by Aids.
The   local community churches Under WORD AFLAME FELLOWSHIP  CHURCHES  being  compelled by the love of Christ (2Cor.5:14).  We are moved with compassion as our Lord was always moved with compassion to heal the sick and feed the hungry, both physically and spiritually.  (Mathew, 9:36, Mark8.2) andalso fulfill  the of good religion and faith.
(James 1:26-27) (The Right Act of Religion)
(James 2:14-18) Faith and Works
Mathew 25:34-36

Mathew 18:3-6
Isaiah 58:3-12 - please read these passages.
So we as the church has been challenged and compelled to provide:
shelter [within  the  family units]
Other essentials in life.

BMCC - Mission

Bala Mercy Children's Centre (BMCC) was founded and exists to help and serve the needy ,.  Children under difficult circumstances, disadvantaged, poor and children at Risk by facilitating their Access to Basic needs, food, Basic health, Education, social, psychological, economic, legal and spiritual needs through establishment of relevant strategies for Advocacy, Local resource mobilization and support systems with plans in place to over see a continuum of care and support to the Aged, widows and single mothers/parents.

BMCC is a child-focus centre. 

The center currently acts as a care centreto over 400 orphans  AT ONE LOCATION AND OTHER  2600 AT THE OTHER CARE CENTERS as mentioned, which includes the under 5 and school going groups.
Based on the critical analysis economic background on the community coming around the centre and specifically personal profiles of the children who are currently receiving support, the centre is developed as Humanitarian support centre for the disadvantaged children.


TO  improve the quality of life of NEEDY , disadvantaged and children at RISK IN AHOLISTIC manner.


BALA MERCY CHILDREN CENTRE (BMCC believes in "a world in which all children realize their full potential in a society that respect and adheres to people's rights and dignity.

The center seeks to achieve lasting improvement in the quality of life of the deprived children, their families and communities to meet their basic needs and increase their ability to survive participate, be protected, develop and benefit from their societies.
tBMCC has managed to operate with limited financial resources mainly from church contribution individual friends and child sponsorship program ,  There is however, huge funding gap as the center seeks to establish means of,

self-sustainability.Right to life, quality education, quality health care and self-reliance for all. To strengthen and enhance quality of life in the community. 


  • Enhance legal status of needy children such as orphans,
  • To set up a health care supports systems for the orphans.
  • Increased access to education and technical opportunities for the orphans.
  • To establish institutional income generating activities as a support mechanism.
  • To create strong Christian upbringing.
  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS impact.
  • Lobbying and advocacy.

Giving Opportunities

Experience the joy of giving.  By giving your gift, donations, time and money you will make someone's dream and hope come true.  We will help identify giving opportunities most meaningful to you.  
Excellent gifts that honor an elderly, child, or gifts that invite you to play a part in improving education, health and welfare of communities.

Core Values

Good practice, openness, accountability and transparency, personal integrity.  Respect and compassion, the core values are intended to foster an environment that promotes ethical conduct in carrying out our responsibilities.

The orphans  situation ANALYSIS.

Bala Mercy children Center is  care   center to over 400 orphans and needy ones at one location  and 2600 IN other care centre locations   Many children have been left orphans in Rachuonyo District like any other parts of Kenya in the wake of HIV/AIDS pandemic.  The orphaned children are traumatized by their parent's sickness and eventual deaths and have no means to support themselves.  It is estimated that there are at least 2,000,000 orphaned childrenhildren orphaned by AIDS in KENYA,.  A recent rapid assessment study conducted by the center on the orphans situation and community coping mechanisms in one of the locations in kenya [  West Karachuonyo Division] shows that extended family members do provide care for orphans.  They however cannot cope with this extra mouth to feed due to harsh economic situation.  About 50% of those caring for orphans are uncles or aunts.  40% are third generation caretakers (widows and grandparents) who usually have little practical help to offer a part for orm emotional and psychological support.  The remaining 10% of orphans are on their own. here lacks a strong social welfare system to care for orphans on the ground despite their increasing number.  There is now an increasing number of orphans headed households as children resort to staying on their own because auntie's and uncles are either sick themselves or unable to cope.  Without their parent's income, the orphans are in grave danger of becoming destitute.  Child prostitution, drug abuse, early child marriages and child labour are also on the rise in nearby centres like Kendu Bay, Kosele, Oyugis and Homabay.  The orphaned girl child opts for early marriages as a means to escaping the widespread poverty and heavy responsibility that come with the deaths of their parents.