Current Activities

  1. Bala Mercy Primary school has 300 Children from primary pre school/kindergarten.
  2. Bala Mercy Care centre for daily feeding - care 280 and  300 from the community daily.
  3. DOWNE HOUSE HIGH SCHOOL- with population of 120students and the number is set to increase as the school shall admit at least  50 students every year.
  4. Kuria  Missioncare centre and school – with over 300 -KURIA MORNING STARIA MORNING STAR CARE CENTER  300.
  5. Word Of Hope care centre and School with over 200 children [CARE CENTRE at one Siaya Ngiya Kenya.
  6. Word Aflame School and care centre with 150 Location-Migori/Uriri District.
  7. Olando Children's Care Centre. - With over 200children.
  8. KISUMU STREET KIDS AND CARE CENTER 200 feed weekly and other upcoming center.

Through the years the center has supported over 3000 childrens, some in primary school and high school. the center runs 5 care centres ,a primary school, and 1 high school, the center is in the process of staring a Technical /Vocational training center for those who can not proceed with high education.