Bala mercy childrens centre [bmcc]   was  established   informally   in 1999/2000  by  bishop  Domnic  O.Ochoo,  while  doing pastoral  work  and evangelizing ,  the  same community  where the main centre  is  established  ,  in the early  years  of  between the  80s  and 90s  from  1992,to  2000s  there were  the rates  of  hiv/aids  was  so  high that  the rate of deaths  were  700 aday,  .and  it  was  while  pasturing  in the  greater  bala  village  in koyugi location,  that  in one  days, we conducted  five funerals  of  those  who died  from hiv/aids   later  the families  left  children  and due  to stigma  associated with  hiv/aids  , no  one was willing to take in the children who left  orphans.  This  why  bmcc was started ,  and  from 10,to  20 , and the number grew  to over  400 in one location.

Bala Mercy children’s  centre is registered not for profit Ngo in the year  2002/-2003 operating the children’s centers,  CARE CENTRES, and schools for the disadvantage ,and  the very needy children. Drawn  from the streets, beaches,  and  others.

Bala  Mercy children’s centre exists to love and care for the orphaned , disadvantaged ,poor and needy children from within Kenya and Beyond  regardless of race, tribe religion or background   with intent  of making Christ known to all by all means and love

Even though  the  centre  supports  the very  needy children and mostly  orphans  , the centre  does not  operate  children  intuitions’ care,    The  centre  promotes  the African  way  of helping  the children  whose parents  died  through  the families placement program  where the children  are placed  with  families , such  distant  relatives, foster families, and the church community  who  are willing to  take in the children in  need,   in some cases  the children are placed  with the elderly persons,  widows, and other care givers, this way  the centre promotes love and care within the family units.


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Urgent needs –water wells,feeding backlog bills ,Dinning and kitchen,classrooms and offices.